Spring Is Nearly Sprung!

I really like this time of year.  It is still the Winter, but the nights are drawing out and everything starts to look brighter.  The snowdrops and crocuses begin to appear, and we start to think that Spring is just around the corner.

This Winter, I have been so glad I live in Manchester.  We have had much better weather than many areas of the UK.  We have had only had a slight dusting of snow, which didn’t last long, and no ice.  I hate the ice, because I don’t have good balance at the best of times, and the ice makes me too afraid to venture outside.

I had an Auntie, named Betty, who I always remember at this time of year.  Auntie Betty loved the sunshine.  I think if she could have lived in a hot country, she would have.  When February came along, she would go out to her garden and look for buds on the hedge.  When she spotted them, she would be so happy.  But Betty could not go and live in the sunshine, because she looked after her aged mother.  Her mother was an Irish woman whom we all called Nana.  Nana died in 1974, aged 91, and she had never lost her Irish accent, or her love of that green isle.

This brings me neatly onto the storyteller’s club which I go to.  We meet again on the 13th of February, and the theme will be “Tales From The Emerald Isle”.  I don’t know any Irish folk tales, or anything like that, but my Nana’s story, of being a young Irish immigrant and what happened to her after she came England, is a fascinating story, and I will share that story on the night.  It’s actually very romantic.  I will write the story on here, after I have told it at storytellers.

One aspect of the story, which I will share on here today, is about my Nana’s father, William Wright.  He was a sailor, until he decided to give up the sea for the sake of his family.  That is when he moved them all to England, as there were better job prospects here, for him.  However, when he was a merchant sailor, he actually served on the famous clipper ship, ‘The Cutty Sark’, so there is important history in my family of which I am very proud.  In the house where I grew up, we actually had Great Granddad’s old sea chest in our spare room.  My mum used to hide, mine and my sister’s Christmas Presents in it when we were children.

So I hope you have found this interesting.  I will post again soon.  Love from Marilyn (I call myself by my full name, Marilyn Mastin, as a storyteller)


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